The Churches
History - St. John's Church, Penistone

Christians have been praying on this site for 1000 years.

Although most of the present building was built in the 1300s, there are foundations of an earlier church from the 900s AD. However, there is evidence of earlier buildings in the structure you can see today.

Each generation has left its imprint. Each has contributed its ideas in terms of fashion, furnishings and worship styles.

The church has never stood still but sought to be accessible to the changing world about it. Over the centuries it has remained faithful to God, who "makes all things new".

At the beginning of the 21st century, the church has, not for the first time in history, sensitively embarked upon a reordering programme and a project called "Open Doors" which encourages a wider community use of its premises. As a visitor you may see this new space which has been created at the west end.

The Five Churches in the Parish