The Services

All staff may be contacted through the team phone number or email address.

Meet the staff

David Hopkin & Anne Parr Click the bold names on the right for a picture and brief biographical details.

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All members of staff can be contacted at the number in the table or via the Team Ministry Office on 01226 370006.

If you prefer to use email then please use the form on the Contact page.

Team Ministry Staff




Team Rector

Assistant Curate

The Rev'd David Hopkin


Team SSM Priest The Rev'd Anne Parr 764490
Assistant Priests The Rev'd Peter Rivett 765829
The Rev'd Matthew Joy 762276
Readers Margaret Crossland 763260

Mary O'Neill

Jane Roberts

764603 765141
Lay Pastoral Ministers John Hobson 370006
  Susan Rivett 765829
Administrator Weekday mornings - 9:00am to 12:00 noon 370006
Churchwardens Maureen Faxon (Penistone) 765383
David Johnson (Penistone) 763943
Maggie Stubbs (Penistone) 763069
Margaret Crossland (Thurlstone) 763260
Sharon Unsworth (Thurlstone) 765531
Assistant Warden Fred Etherington (Penistone) 766947
PCC Honorary Secretaries Martin Scothern(Penistone) 766596
Margaret Crossland (Thurlstone) 764603
Electoral Roll Officers Alan Shelbourne (Penistone) 762863
Jennifer Robinson (Thurlstone) 763759
PCC Treasurers Alan Shelbourne (Penistone) 762863
John Hey (Thurlstone) 764286
Assistant Treasurer David Johnson (Penistone) 763943
Covenants & Gift Aid Ian & Joanne Corbridge (Penistone) 765688
John Barden (Thurlstone) 765043
Magazine Editors Len Collett 762973
Linda Lister 766601
Jane Roberts 765141
Magazine Advertising & Production David & Irene Johnson 763943
Headteacher,St.John's Primary School Antoinette Drinkhill 762491
Organists John Lister 766601
Ted O'Neil 764603
Bell Ringing (Penistone) David Micklethwaite 763974
Flower Arrangers Olga White (Penistone) 763069
Barbara Green (Thurlstone) 766390
Mothers Union Irene Johnson (Penistone) 763943
Barbara Green (Thurlstone) 766390
Visitors' Group Irene Johnson 763943
Safeguarding Officer Maggie Stubbs (Penistone) 763069
Rev. William Shaw (Thurlstone) 07774 166106
Thurlstone Sunday School Bethan Hopkin 370954
Hall Bookings (Oxspring) Margaret Bramall 764333
Children's Society Carolyn Shelbourne (Penistone) 762863
Helma Shaw(Thurlstone) 764546
Christian Aid Margaret Etherington (Penistone) 766947
Vacant (Thurlstone)  
Rev Neil Marchant
The Five Churches in the Parish